Asherita viajera

Leyden Viviana Guerrero Heredia

"Asherita viajera"

Leyden Heredia, a native of the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, known in the birding world as Asherita Viajera, technologist in tourist guidance. Passionate about knowledge of the various ecosystems, native fauna and flora, digital media, photography and audiovisual production. She has been a birdwatcher for three years and manager of the environmental education and awareness project deviajesyaves.com. Through this project she spreads and promotes biodiverse places dedicated to conservation of rural and community birdwatching, recording her trips throughout the Colombian territory making them public in different virtual channels to show through photography, videos and articles in a fun and educational way the tourist places that make great efforts to conserve and use in a sustainable way the territories of peace and the birds that inhabit them. She currently manages the Nature Reserve Manantial de la Aurora; a hotspot with 285 species of birds and a great variety of herps, insects, mammals and plant species, that is positioning itself as a leader in bird tourism in the Department of Santander - Colombia.