Joyyo Mayu

Joyyo Mayu Recreation Park

The Joyyo Mayu recreation park is a 12-hectare space, nestled in the urban area of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, and home to a total of 126 registered species of birds (as of October 2022). In it, you will be able to have a first approach to the typical birds of the tropical ecosystems of Chiapas, with species typical of the urban area, which makes it easier to watch them and capture impressive photographs. This park stands out among the urban parks in the capital of Chiapas because it has a plant cover rich in native species of trees (Ceibas, Chicozapotes, Black Sapotes, Sabinos, different fig trees, Guanacaste, Copperwood, Gum Tree, and many more); there are also introduced species that provide important food resources, such as Mango trees. Additionally, its being adjacent to the Sabinal River and the presence of springs favor the existence of waterfowl, like ducks, herons, sandpipers, black-necked stilts and cormorants.

Birds that can be watched: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck / Dendrocygna autumnalis, Green-fronted Hummingbird / Ramosomyia viridifrons, Plain-capped Starthroat / Heliomaster constantii, Squirrel Cuckoo / Piaya cayana, Black-crowned Night Heron / Nycticorax nycticorax, Yellow-crowned Heron or Yellow-crowned Night Heron / Nyctanassa violacea, Black-necked Stilt or Mexican Stilt / Himantopus mexicanus, Barn Owl / Tyto alba, Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl / Glaucidium brasilianum, Russet-crowned Motmot / Momotus mexicanus, Ringed Kingfisher / Megaceryle torquata, Golden-fronted Woodpecker / Melanerpes aurifrons, White-fronted Parrot / Amazona albifrons, Red Lored Amazon / Amazona autumnalis, Great Kiskadee / Pitangus sulphuratus, White-throated Magpie-Jay / Calocitta formosa, Gray Meow or Cat Bird / Dumetella carolinensis, Scarlet-headed Oriole / Icterus pustulatus, Altamira Oriole or Lichtenstein's Oriole / Icterus gularis, Louisiana Water Thrush / Parkesia motacilla, Coffee Warbler / Leiotlhypis peregrina, Common Yellowthroat / Geothlypis trichas, Hooded Warbler / Setophaga citrina, Halloween Warbler / Setophaga ruticilla, Blue yellow-backed warbler / Setophaga americana, Magnolia Warbler / Setophaga magnolia, Yellow-throated Warbler / Setophaga dominica, Summer Piranga or Summer Tanager / Cardenalito Piranga rubra.

Addres: Prolongación de la 5ta Norte Poniente s/n 29020, Tuxtla Gutiérrez.
Opening hours: Monday through Sunday, from 7 am to 8 pm Every third weekend we organize night tours (Saturday), and daytime tours (Sundays), open to the public.

Contact details:
Diego Alfonso Ruíz Cordero Daniel Pineda Vera
Telephone: 961 143 9749
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