Xavier Muñoz

Xavier is a graduate of the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial who joined Neblina Forest in the late 1993 as a partner and since then has also become a knowledgeable birding guide. Has since then administered the main office of Neblina Forest making it what it is now. He also founded the Bolivian chapter of Neblina Forest, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. This office has shown constant growth. Xavier is also responsible for the operations of Neblina Forest in Peru which started early 2002. His experience in traveling to Brazil is starting our new branch in Matogroso and will also be one of his achievements. Since 2015 Xavier has opened operations in other continents like Asia,and Africa . Xavier Muñoz also took charge for a period of years as the Executive Director of CECIA, the foundation for protection of birds in Quito, Ecuador. As such, he brought CECIA out of bankruptcy and left it as one of the strongest in Ecuador associating it with BirdLife International. Xavier also has given countless hours in the founding of Jocotoco Foundation and continues to do research for land under stress. His collaboration with this NGO has assured him the position of Vice President for the last two years.